by Karmageddon




released 25 June 2013



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Track Name: Ages Of The Risen
Ages of the Risen"
this is for the times when you can’t get up
this is for the times when you can’t get up, just can’t get up
Time has Come for Ages of the Risen
this is for those times when you feel stuck
bogged down in minds of muck
dig in your heals refuse to sink anymore
pull yourself up from the core
strand by strand , pound by pound
lift yourself out of the mother fuckin’ ground
feel it in your heart and soul
Power of the Risen
Illuminate your insides feel it burning in your chest
rise out from your broken shell, up above the mess
see things how they’re meant to be
reflections of the one true body
sections of the inner mind connected to the hands of time
a Universe of Universal thought
a gift for those who’ve sought
a Higher Truth and Beauty seen
a Pure light without a screen
Risen From the Ashes
Rise Above the Mess, Pull your feet out
Life is All a Test, Break Through Self Doubt
Illuminate Your Best, Breath in Your Chest
Rise Above the Doom, Clear Out the Gloom
Coming through just one more time
last attempt to wake your mind
breaking from the chains that bind
move beyond the hands of time
rise above the destruction
reflection in the reconstruction
mental blocks come falling down
at the thought of this here sound
shaking things down to the ground
step by step , pound by pound
Ages Of The Risen
Track Name: It's My Right
It's My Right"
It's my right to live my life like
I see fit to live my life like
It's my right to breath the air and
It's my right to care or not care
It's my right to walk the land and
choose the point from which I stand
It's my right to speak my mind and
It's my right to walk the line
It's my right to stay or go and
It's my right to see tomorrow
It's my right to live my life like
It's my right to live my life!
It's My Right!
Track Name: Blade Of Grass
"Blade of Grass"
let’s talk about the little things that may get lost in thought
lets think about the miniscule and all the things they brought
ponder on the Atom and the building of our cells
think about the little things when you wonder how we fell
just like a tiny blade of grass, we feel so insignificant
I can’t help myself to laugh
the little things are multiplied, combined to serve the whole
and when we over look these things its us who pays the toll
focus on the little things, think about your birth
realize even we are small in the eyes of Earth
tiny, insignificant, small and overlooked’
we are more than slimy worms being stuck upon the hooks
a tiny blade of grass, multiplied my need
can stop a coming storm but not the coming greed
the little things combine to protect and serve the whole
so when we overlook these things it’s us who pays the toll
we suffer from our lack of thought
we’re just a piece and not the whole
we suffer from the things we sought
ignore our heart and soul
we forgot our strengths to care
how to reason and be fair
independent selfish goals
separate us from the whole
life is formed and built upon those little things in life
they can be the source of cure, detrimental to our strife
everything is born with purpose, a piece within the whole
and if we overlook this fact, it’s us who pays the toll
Track Name: Stressless
Life is not just about your stress and strife
sometimes we need to relieve a sense of peace
believe me when I say to you there is no other way
you need to halve a calm in mind to make it through the day
Ease my mind out from the cage
Clear my eyes and cut the haze
Breath in life without the strife
let the blood course through your veins
All I can do in life is try
to be my best and not let the bastards grind me down
focus my intentions and my will to live
strengthen my body and my ability to give
Track Name: Thank You
"thank you"
thank you for giving me this love found in my heart
thank you for giving me birth at the start
thank you for family, friends and support
thank you for making my body my fort
thank you for all the creatures of this Earth’
without your wisdom, what is life worth?
You are my strength when I can’t help but feel so weak
You are my guiding eyes when that is what I seek
You are the absolute beginning and the end
into infinity so that our souls will mend
thank you for the Earth, stars, Moon and Sun
thank you for making this life so damn fun
thank you for these lungs they function to breath
thank you for the Ocean, Sky and Trees
Track Name: Waste Of Air
"Waste of Air"
you poison our surrounding with lack of common sense
you take your trash and poisoned view, thrown over the fence
you care for your immediate space or where you place your feet
but when it comes to others, you’ll be found upon your seat
what a waste of air i see, sucked into hypocrisy
blinded by the seeds of greed, waiting for the hand that feeds
you deserve the hand that bleeds to free us from your diseased breed
or maybe we should turn our cheek, run and hide is what you’d seek
wrapped in sorrow, dressed to suffer the failed tomorrow
due to all your narrow thoughts, lack of vision, and lessons taught
what a waste of air on you who’d make us suffer if we’re willing to
well that’s not what we’re here to do, listen to your poisoned view
you’re begging for a clue and asking for a smile
looking for an opening to harm us all the while
I see through your corrupt plan to keep us fighting on this land
bathed and wrapped in wasted vain
turn our defiance into your pain
get this in your fucking head, your going down just like I said
you’ve tried so hard to escape your fate
the time is near and the hours late
assumptions lost, accept our hate
Track Name: Heal
We’ve got to get together
To unite and fight
To change wrong to right
We’ve got to heal together
To mend and defend
To protect to the end
Heal from all the greed and lies
Heal from all corrupted ties
Heal and make the vision last
Heal from wounds made in the past
Heal and rise above all pain
Heal and feel the gentle rain
Heal from all abuse to Earth
Heal and see all that it’s worth
We’ve got to come together
For justice and love
We’ve got to rise above
The mess made in the past
The lies that could not last
The hope we thought was lost
The price of which it cost
The greed that had to end
The ties that had to mend
The pain that we’ve all seen
To understand the meaning
Corruption has to die
Abusers have to fry
Wars now need to cease
The World now asks for peace

An end to leadless leaders

An end to unfit kings

An end to all false gods

May the lightning hit the rod

May God now take control

For all who claim a soul

A time renewed is hear

An end to all we fear

So bring your best to see

Demonstrate that we are free

Open up and make it last

Do it now and do it fast
Track Name: Drowning Ressurection
"Drowning Resurrection"
I’m feelin’ kind of Down *
something on the inside
I feel like I’ve been drowned
in the coming tide
my hope and aspiration
guide me without sight
my inner peace and sanctity
my warmth throughout the night
my shell it has been broken
cracked and not quite whole
my walls they can not hold the weight
the pressure’s sunk my soul
and while a little peace of me
may be lost for good
I can still withstand the pain
this reflections understood
I say again, I’m feelin’ fuckin’ Down
this pain I feel so deep
got me feelin’ like, I’m under fuckin’ ground
this storm has ripped away
a piece of me just blown away
scarred, torn , patched , and worn
enough to live another day
Pick myself up, one piece at a time
Put myself together, reclaim what is mine
Track Name: Come Back Around
"Come back Around"
come walk this Holy plane
come quench your sacred thirst
come bath in a pure light
come down to do your worst
come witness perfect life
come fill your sense of hope
come back to set things straight
come back to tie the rope
around your fears and your wasted thoughts
bound within the answers taught
to use, control, and manipulate
the People and the Nation’s fate
Track Name: A New Day
All I want to see through these eyes is the light of a brand new day
I don't want to hear anything about the failures of yesterday
keep your heads up high and your bodies strong
become the you of tomorrow and sing a new song
and it goes a little something like this...
All I want to see through these eyes is the light of a new day
I can't succumb to the failure's of yesterday
this visions dissecting, rejecting, infecting the way I am
it's making me better, making me into a better man
now I can't see or do anything that's not
positive for me and you
I'm dissecting and rejecting
to create a better destiny
All I want to see through these eyes is the light of a new day
I can't succumb to the failure's of yesterday
this visions dissecting, rejecting, infecting the way I am
it's making me better, into a better man
I've been blinded by thought of a new future
for me and you
and I don't want anything to do with failure
this is true
and all I want to see through these eyes is the light of a new day
I can't succumb to the failure's of yesterday
this visions dissected, rejected, infected the way I am
it's making me better, making me into a better man
...making me into a better man...
Track Name: State Of Lies
"State of Lies"
why can’t you just let us all be
messing with everything inside of me
accusing and using you’re blind can’t you see?
picking apart the state of ... lies!
the time will come to set us all free
to mend the ties of humanity
honor and justice found inside of me
weighing down the state of ... lies!
since you’ve been gone ... lies!
corruption and hypocrisy has overshadowed humanity
brought to the end of the brink by your lies
biding and hiding the source of your ties
leading, misleading the masses with greed
stamping and planting the stink of your seed
fighting and lighting the fires of hope
burning and turning the knots in the rope
siding and riding the backs of the breed
altering, faltering laws that you heed
twisting, fisting holes in the system
dead to rights but somehow we miss ‘em
claiming and blaming the nature of life
beaming and gleaming the edge of the knife
steaming and fiending a profit of loss
marking and harking to become the boss
founded and grounded in sinking submission
vision, re-vision success of the mission
Track Name: Keep Your Head Up
"Keep Your Head Up"
I want to see your chin aiming for the sky
I want to see reflection of your pride
I want to see your body grounded in Earth
I want to see your worth
Keep Your Head Up
I want to see reflection of your positive side
I want to feel the power welling up inside
I want to crush the feelings of doubt and remorse
I want it to come from the source
Keep Your Head Up
I want to see your face reflected in grace
I want to see your aura absorbing life’s taste
I want to see your soul as part of the whole
I want to see you break the mold
I want to see your chin up to the sky
I want to see reflection of your pride
I want your spirit to discover the unknown
I claim this as your home
Track Name: Bullet Of The Mind
“Bullet of the Mind”
Reaching for my ammunition, the supply inside my mind
it doesn’t feed on blood and bone, it gets faster all the time
my bullets are not made of steel, my weapons you can’t touch and feel
instead I send a sign, with the bullets in my mind
Taking aim at all I see, for the sake of you and me
Now nothings safe don’t lock your door
it will not help for what’s in store
I’m taking aim you’re out of time
another victim of the bullets in my mind
There’s so much out there that I hate
let’s not debate what is at stake
take the bait and confiscate
sell your soul and curse your fate
I don’t give a fuck what you say dealing with obstacles in my way
the triggers my mind, the bullets are numbered and set for a time
my focus is steady now ready aim fire, these bullets do travel invisible wire
this little gift I was born to do, sending a message from me to you
I know inside that you know it’s time, coming for you at the drop of a dime
this bullets for you from a place in my mind
taking aim at all I see, for the sake of you and me
every bullet has a name and time from this place inside my mind
Bullet of the Mind
Track Name: Corpse Revivor
"Corpse Reviver"
Guts get grinded, bones are pulverized
destructive violence forced into our minds
Why? all for brainless anti-thought
war after war after war we fought
For What? to die and rot in the proverbial gutter
we treat our lives like the click of a shutter
maybe it’s time for us all to start over
rover red rover, the jokes on the joker
poke the poker, choke the choker
fight fire with fire and never tire
spit lies at the liar, destruction for hire
hypocrisy now our lives on the wire
freedom is born but the cost is not free
we fight for our freedom eternally
Track Name: Bounceback
every single time you get knocked down
you gotta pick yourself right back up from the ground
keep your head up high and your body sound
if you get knocked down, come back around
you gotta get up you gotta get up you gotta get up
so if you hit another bump in the road
bounceback from the impact and you let it explode
put your horns down low let your spirit flow
if it doesn't come down, come back around
you gotta get up you gotta get up you gotta get up
now there are those times when it's hard to cope
when you're pinned to the ground and losing hope
focus your strength combined with your hope
if you still can't get off the ground
bring the ceiling down
you gotta get up you gotta get up you gotta get up
no matter how many times that you get knocked down
no matter how many times that you hit the ground
no matter how many times that you hear the sound
you pick yourself up and you come back around